TCAUW was established in 1991 by professional Turkish Cypriot women with vision and mission of encouraging participation of women in solving the problems arise at all sectors of the society, to empower and enable women to become influential and effective in every field and all levels of public life.

TCAUW considers evidence-based planning and advocacy through collective action as vital pillars for the development of a holistic and well-planned future policies and strategies, which will contribute towards the elimination of gender disparities in women’s access to productive resources and decision making in the northern part of Cyprus.

TCAUW had conducted the Gender Profile in Education and Employment Survey in the northern part of Cyprus in 2001. The survey did not only provide information on the situation of women in economic life, but also served as a first comprehensive source of data for CSOs and academics working on gender issues in early 2000s. Through Parity project which is funded by the European Union under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community, TCAUW also aims to contribute to the evidence-based research and partnership among all relevant groups working towards gender equality.

The purpose of TCAUW;

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